When you say Piešťany

PIešťany are well know and famous mostly as a spa town. But in addition to the world famous spa, Colonnade bridge with the iconic statue of a man breaking his crutch, Piešťany are a historic town with beautiful nature all around it and with great people.

Piešťany are located in the western part of Slovakia, around 80 km away from the Slovakian capital, Bratislava, which makes it a very accessible place for a weekend getaway. From the opposite direction, from Žilina or Banská Bystrica, it is roughly 100 km away- an hour, hour and a half away.

The clear synonym of Piešťany is peace. Mostly in the summer, Piešťany are full of love and romantic couples, who walk through various parks and stroll down the main boulevard, where the smell of great coffee invites them in, for a cup of coffee or a delicious dessert. Couples cannot miss the opportunity to capture a shot at the Bridge of love, lined with hundreds of locks. In the summer, the pond underneath the bridge is, of course, full of water 🙂

foto: Palickap, commons.wikimedia.org/

In addition to nature and walks, the main attraction of Piešťany is health and the world-known spa. In Piešťany, there are many hotels and facilities, that offer procedures, wraps, massages of all kinds. Often, you can find full spa packages, but reflecting the price. Therefore, AdamEva Resort is a great choice where to stay. The resort is just around the corner from the main boulevard and a 10 minute walk from the spa houses with all the treatments. In addition to a pleasant walk, you have a choice to grab delicious dinner in one of the great restaurants around, or to simply just stay in and show off you culinary skills in the fully equipped kitchen in the apartment. Either way, it is always on the budget. And that we call a reasonable compromise.

In conclusion, we can only recommend Piešťany. And not only us. After all, people from all around the world come to Piešťany for its world famous mud!